We are a marine surveying business settled in Saint Martin, French West Indies, since 2005.
St Martin Marine Surveyors


How important is the out of the water inspection ? Can it be swapped ?

2 scenarios:

Survey for insurance purposes: insurance companies do not systematically require an out of the water inspection. In case they don’t, we are happy to sign off a vessel without an out of the water inspection, while it will be dully noted in the report.

Pre-purchase survey: buying a boat without checking the underwater hull is like buying a second hand car without opening the bonnet to look at the engine. Have we said enough ?


Does the survey fee include the haul out costs ? 

No. The rates for the survey are not inclusive of the haul out costs. Your broker will liaise with the yard to schedule the haul out. Typical cost for a “lunch” haul out is about US$500. In case no broker is involved in the transaction, we will assist you in setting up an appointment with a yard. Remember all yards need to be paid in advance. No cash no splash.


Where shall I stay during my visit on the island to look for a boat ? 

There are numerous hotels for all budget on the island, but ideally you want to be close to wherever the vessel is stationed. We can help you with this.


As a yacht owner wanting to sell my boat, what can you advise ?

Common sense rules: make sure your vessel is clean & tidied up. An easy thing is also to check before the survey if your safety equipment is not out of date. Make sure your fire extinguishers and flares are within usage date. Last but not least, take as much as you can of your personal stuff off the vessel. As a rule of a thumb, whatever is not included in the sale should be removed.