We are a marine surveying business settled in Saint Martin, French West Indies, since 2005.
St Martin Marine Surveyors

Phase Out From The Moorings and Sunsail

We’ve been surveying numerous yachts phasing out of Sunsail or The Moorings charter fleet on behalf of potential buyers.

A few general info to start with. One may always wonder if purchasing a yacht that’s been chartered for a couple of years (usually 5 in the case of  yachts operated by Tui Marine, the parent company of both Sunsail and Moorings – this is the standard operating time of their yacht ownership program) could be a good deal. Charter yachts have this bad reputation of being used and abused by sometimes negligent or not really experienced charter guests.

Answer to this varies, depending on where the yachts have been operated from and who was in charge of their maintenance. The good news is that St Martin is actually a very good location for operations, due the ease of spare parts supplies. Secondly, and sorry if the following statement may not appear fully neutral, truth is that both operation manager Nic Loubser and general manager Corrado Losi of St Martin base are 2 very good and skilled professionals.

So yes, it can always be worth surveying a phasing out vessel from that base.

The typical phase out survey starts in Oyster Pond Captain Oliver’s marina (see our marina location map) around 8-30am.

By 9-30am, I would be sailing the vessel with a Sunsail staff member to either Simpson Bay (for catamarans) or Philipsburg ( for monohull). This serves as the sea trial. Vessel is then hauled for underwater hull inspection. After lunch, vessel is sailed back to the base, where the survey goes on for the rest of the day.

The potential buyer can expect the report to be sent out the next morning.