We are a marine surveying business settled in Saint Martin, French West Indies, since 2005.
St Martin Marine Surveyors


There are numerous marinas on both French and Dutch side. You may also come across vessels located within Cole Bay lagoon or on anchor is Marigot Bay, Simpson Bay, Grand Case, Anse Marcel or even Pinel Island.

If you proceed with the purchase of a vessel, this section will give you information as of where you may want to keep your vessel, should it be for short or long term.

From North to South, clockwise:

Pinel Island anchorage (french side, tag #1 on map)

A few yacht owner have their vessel on mooring in this little piece of paradise. While beautiful, the problem with surveying a boat down there is the lack of facilities, namely shore power and dock water. So some checks won’t be possible. Another point to consider: people on anchor in Pinel appreciate the financial side of it, as it’s free. We can’t blame them for this, but in a general manner, it’s always better to purchase a vessel from somebody who’s not too keen on saving money on his boat, if you know what I mean.

Pinel anchorage

Captain Oliver’s Marina, Oyster Pond (on the border between french and dutch side, tag #2)

Home of both Sunsail and The Moorings, it’s an active area for yacht sales, with all the phasing out vessel from the 2 big guys. Usually, surveys taking place in Oyster Pond will be followed by a sea trial from the marina to either Great Bay in Philipsburg, where Bobby’s marina offer haul out facilities for monohull up to 45 feet, or to Simpson Bay and the lagoon, where  numerous yards are available. One little draw back should you buy a vessel in Oyster Pond and keep it stationed there, you’re very far from the all yachting related business (at 45 minutes drive whenever you need something).

Bobby’s Marina and Yard, Philipsburg (Dutch Side, tag #3)

This is where Bobby Velasquez started his business 35 years ago. Handy because the yard is on the premises (at least for monohulls under 45 feet) but a nightmare to drive in. Bobby’s is a half a mile away from the cruise ship dock. As a reminder, more than a million passengers visit the island from the cruise ships yearly. On the other hand, you’re one stone throw from Front Street and their jewelries, so if you don’t buy the boat, you’ll still be able to bring back a diamond to your wife.

Simpson Bay area (Dutch Side, tag #4)

The beating heart of the yachting on the island. You’ll find there numerous marinas, namely:

  • Isla Del Sol: specialized in mega yachts, base price US$10 million. Please contact us for your surveying needs on such vessels.
  • Simpson Bay Marina: a pretty high end marina. Rates are higher than some other marinas on the island, so it means you’ll be dealing with a seller who was certainly keen on maintaining his yacht to certain standards.

Cole Bay area (Dutch Side, tag #5)

Great location in terms of proximity of all marine related businesses:

  • Island Water World Marina: with a shipchandlery on the premises, a yard, and reasonable rates, it’s a great place to leave your vessel.
  • Lagoon Marina: very conveniently located also, close to all suppliers, with reasonable rates.
  • Port de Plaisance: high end marina, within a resort which includes a casino, it’s home for both mega-yachts and sailboats. Rates are definitely not low.

Cole Bay Lagoon

French Side of Simpson Bay Lagoon (tag#6)

A lot of owners like to leave their vessel on anchor in the lagoon. Place is reasonably safe, and no extra fee is needed at the difference of the Dutch Side of the lagoon, where a weekly must be paid.

Marigot area (French Side)

One draw back for all marinas on the french side: all rates are in euros, so obviously, you’ll pay your dockage 20% to 30% more than on the dutch side.

  • Marina Port la Royale: located down town Marigot. Nice as lots of restaurants around, but the area has a bad reputation in terms of safety at night (tag #7)
  • Marina Fort Louis: outside the lagoon, on the caribbean side, the nice thing is that you don’t have to go through a lifting bridge to go out at sea (tag #8)

Port Lonvilliers, Anse Marcel (French Side, tag #9)

Perfect hurricane hole, but not cheap. Also very far from everything. A great beach in Anse Marcel next to the marina though. Home of the Radisson hotel.