We are a marine surveying business settled in Saint Martin, French West Indies, since 2005.
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You’ll find in this section information pertaining to your stay in St Martin, should you travel on the friendly island to look for your dream vessel.

Basic Info

St Martin/ St Maarten is the smallest territory in the world divided between 2 sovereign nations: France and Nederland. The status of both french side and dutch sides have recently evolved. The french side used to be part of département de la Guadeloupe and was therefore fully administrated by France mainland. In 2007, it became a collectivité d’outre mer, where certain competences were returned to a territorial council. French side capital is Marigot.

The dutch side of Sint Maarten was one of the five island territories that constituted the Nederland Antilles, but became after October 10th, 2010 (10/10/10) a constituent country within the Kingdom of The Netherland (together with Aruba, Curacao and The Netherland proper). The capital of the Dutch side is Philipsburg.


Population is estimated at about 80000 inhabitants for both french and dutch sides, English is spoken everywhere, and while the Euro is the official currency on the french and the Antillean Guilder is the one of the dutch side, US dollar is widely accepted on the whole island.


With an Antillean Guilder tied to the US Dollar on the exchange market, and given latest currency exchange between Euros and Dollars, it turns out that overall prices on the dutch side turn out to be 10/15% lower than on the french side.

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